GURRAMI’s preserved kumquat is an excellent base for a wide variety of drinks and dishes. The fruit in the can is not intended for snacking.
This tart fruit is packaged without any sugar or preservatives and becomes a natural raw material that looks almost identical to the fresh fruit. When combined with a tropical drink, sauce or other food, its unique aroma, color and taste blend with the ingredients of the drink or other ingredients.

In this way it is preferable to the fresh kumquat that “resists mixing” and blends with other flavors only after prolonged cooking.

Another advantage of the freshly preserved fruit is its suitability for freezing (after opening the container and draining the liquid). It does not shrink or change color after thawing from freezing as often happens to fresh fruit.

Our recommendation to the chef:

when you add GURRAMI Kumquat to a dish for its taste and vibrant orange color, first immerse or soak it in a sauce that matches the taste of the dish it decorates, whether sweet, savory or alcoholic.

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Gurrami Kumquat

Special method for Naturally preserved Kumquats for more than 2 years. You can have them whenever and wherever you need them without waiting for the next kumquat season!

  • Fresh Kumquats remain their healthy properties.
  • No preservatives or additives.
  • Unique Flavors and vibrant color.
  • Decorative and aromatic.
  • Our trees are grown pesticide free and according international standards af the Global G.A.P farm assurance program.

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