Buy Naturally Preserved  kumquats

No artificial preservatives
No additives

NET WT 46 OZ. (1300 g)
Drained weight 22 OZ. (630 g)


Fresh Kumquats

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GURRAMI Farm’s special method preserves fresh Kumquats without losing their healthy properties.

Packing them into tins preserves their vibrant color, unique qualities and distinctive flavors for more than two years.

The preserved kumquats are prepared without any preservatives or additives, simply kumquats and water. 

The huge advantage of preserved kumquats is you can have them whenever and wherever you need them without waiting for the next kumquat season!

Uses for preserved kumquats

  • They can be frozen and used as a refreshing addition to cold drinks, exotic drinks and cocktails. They can also be added to a frozen yogurt delicacy.
  • After being slightly sweetened the preserved kumquats can be added to sweet foods as a primary ingredient or as a garnish.
  • The kumquat is a very decorative and aromatic additive to all manner of meat and fish dishes.
  • In Salads & etc.